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What CBD dosage is right for my pet?

Finding the proper dosage of CBD for your pet is vital as to whether or not a product will yield effective results. As a consumer, it’s hard to know where to start, oftentimes resulting in frustration and misguided distrust in CBD products. The most common misstep I’ve seen is pet owners selecting a dosage so low that there are no perceivable effects. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve also encountered people who were giving their tiny dogs MASSIVE amounts of CBD, something we certainly don’t recommend. Instead of doing a large dose we always prefer to split it into smaller amounts through out the day if possible. Before we get started, please remember that CBD is not meant to prevent, treat or cure any ailments. We insist you speak with your veterinarian before using any herbal products or supplements.


So, how do we find the right dosage?

Many factors need to be considered when finding the proper dosage of CBD for your furry friend, such as their general health, metabolism, and activity level. The most prominent factor you should consider, however, is your pet’s size. Dosages typically range from 1-2mg (per 10lbs) for general well-being or between 3-5mg (per 10lbs) for a stronger dose. 2mg (per 10lbs) seems to be a reliable dosage and is considered a safe place to start. Begin on the conservative side and work your way up as needed. If you are on the higher side of the spectrum you can always try a lower dose with one serving in the morning and another at night. Be patient and take some time to experiment to find the desired results. You can use this information as a quick-reference cheat-sheet to make life a little easier.

While introducing CBD to your pet’s daily routine, keep in mind that, just like people, every dog and cat is unique. Even if two pets are the same size and receive the same dosage, the effects can vary. I’ll share some personal experience as a case study to illustrate this very point.

We are the proud fur-parents of three senior rescue dogs and a puppy. I know we’re crazy…. Three are roughly the same age (11-13yo) and weight (60, 65 and 75lbs) and they all respond well to different dosages. The puppy clocks in at 24mo and 45-50lbs and has his own dosage as well.


Meet Duncan

First, we’ll introduce you to Duncan. He’s a timid Australian Kelpie, which is a working breed. Despite being 12 years old, he is still very active, and we play fetch every night after dinner without fail. He’s always outside walking the perimeter looking for lizards, or checking the tub for intruders. We wanted to see if we could find a dose without impacting his outgoing personality.


1mg – At a dosage of 1mg (per 10lbs), Duncan didn’t seem to exhibit any changes. We gradually increased that to twice per day but still didn’t notice much of anything.


3-mg – We then tried 3mg (per 10lbs), this provided the results were looking for with him while his playful disposition was intact. Next, we tried 3mg (per 10lbs) twice a day. It was too much for him and not what we were looking for.  We decided that 3mg (per 10lbs) once per day would be ideal for daily his needs.  At Dunc’s age, staying active is essential for his overall health, we can adjust on the more challenging days if needed. We will do a 5mg dose from time to time, but it’s for situations that are far beyond the ordinary. Usually only a couple times per year.

With some experimentation we were able to find a satisfactory dose for him without being too heavy handed.


Meet Dexter

Dexter is the exact opposite of his rambunctious brother. He has always been a very laid-back dog who prefers to saunter at his own pace, which is basically slow motion. Dex is a typical 11-12yo pup and is no stranger to father time. 

1mg – We basically tried the same dosages as Duncan. At 1mg (per 10lbs), we saw a slight changes but not what we were looking for. When increased to twice per day, things increased a little but not enough.


3mg – With 3mg (per 10lbs) once per day, we had the results we were looking for! Dex loves roughhousing with his brother Dunc but they often overdo it. So, we eventually bumped him up to 3mg (per 10lbs) twice per day on those special days with over-the-top playtime. We eventually kept his dosage at twice a day, and it seems to be the right fit for him. We couldn’t be happier.


6mg – Dexter had a particularly challenging day once, so we tried 6mg (per 10lbs). it was very overpowering and just way too much for him. We decided to take it down to 5mg for the rare, far beyond the ordinary situations. Again, maybe only twice per year.


Despite being the same age and weight, Dexter takes twice as much as Duncan. All it took was some time and a little trial and error to find an appropriate dosage for each of them, resulting in two happy senior dogs. If anything changes in the future, we will adjust accordingly.

Meet Harlow

Harlow is the perfect dog with an amazing personality. He’s content just hanging out yet still loves to play and never gets out of hand. He’s very middle of the road. We were his medical fosters and fell in love with him and adopted him halfway through the process.


Har’ is 75lbs and outweighs his brothers by 10-15lbs. If we give him as little as 1.5mg per 10lbs he’s overpowered for hours. Definitely not the results we were looking for. This is not typical at all, just the way he responds.  Clocking in with 10 an additional pounds, half of Duncan’s dose is too much for him. 1.5mg per 10lbs which is usually a low dose for most dogs. This is how he reacts to most things at the recommendation for his weight.  He’s just sensitive a sensitive boy. He’s a great example of why we suggest starting low and working your way up.

Meet Olive

Ollie is on another level. She is a combination of every difficult high maintenance crazy breed. Chow, Husky, multiple shepherd breeds, etc…. (we didn’t know until after the DNA test, lol)


Needless to say, she has A COUPLE OF EXTRA GEARS. Between the age of 6mo-18mo she needed to be in the 5mg per 10lbs to see any noticeable changes. She just turned two and is down to 2-3mg per 10lbs like her siblings. There’s no one size fits all and things may change over time. Take the time to experiment until you find the sweet spot.


Selecting the Right Brand

There are many reputable brands of CBD products on the market; however, these products will not do your pet any good if you are administering the wrong amount. Pay attention to the product’s ingredients and dosage amount rather than buzzwords on the packaging. It’s very common to see “fill in the blank” in the description. Now, some brands actually include other herbs that might be functional, but some are just regular dog treats with 2mg of CBD. If you are trying to see effects on a 50lbs dog with 2mg treats, this can end up being a costly endeavor.


Our intentions are not to disparage other brands, but to shed awareness on the subject of using CBD effectively to boost your pet’s well-being. If you have chosen a trustworthy product that doesn’t seem to be working, give it some time, and adjust your dosage. I’ve spoken to many people that claim CBD doesn’t work because they’ve tried various products in the past with little to no effect. After asking only a couple simple questions, it becomes overwhelmingly clear that they were using an incorrect dosage.


The Birth of Celestial Stem

Celestial Stem was born out of being a frustrated consumer. Like so many others, we ran into problems such as trying charlatan products that probably didn’t contain what they claimed; to finding reputable brands but having to spend $20-30 PER DAY to get any results because the dosages were so low.


We are an animal-loving company and adore our furry family members. What makes us different is that we offer pet products with dosages suitable for medium to large size dogs. We are also committed to bucking the industry trend of insane markups so keep these products affordable and attainable for all people and pets. 

If you are a pet parent of a bigger dog, then you know finding a product suitable to their size is rare. Our CBD dog treats are vegan, organic, and come in 2mg 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg formulas. We even have a 500mg Organic CBD Almond Butter. Our 1500mg CBD Oil for pets (tinctures) is great for large dogs or giving multiple dosages per day or a multiple dogs household. It’s a great way to make things more affordable. Don’t worry, we have the little guys covered as well. The CBD pet tinctures give you the ultimate flexibility to fine tune the dose and a convenient way to adjust on days that are more challenging than others.  Even if you don’t buy from us, give CBD a chance to work. It really can help support your pet’s well-being. We also have a huge selection of Pet supplements including Non-CBD functional pet treats, dental chews as well!

Final Notes

We always recommend starting with half a dose once a day and adjust from there. Although CBD is widely tolerated, some pets may be more sensitive than others, and it’s always best to start on the conservative side to see how your pet reacts. Always check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pet’s dietary or health regimen. Especially if they have preexisting conditions or are on medication.


For those of you that are still skeptical or are eager to learn more, please check out a very informational article on the Endocannabinoid System in pets available on our blog. It goes into detail on what the ECS is, what it regulates, and how CBD interacts with it. It’s worth the read.

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