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About Us

Why Celestial Stem?


I started my wellness journey in the early nineties teaching Chinese internal arts and meditation. I also trained and practiced various bodywork modalities and bone-setting. After completing Traditional Chinese Herbology School, I did a year-long internship at an incredible clinic in the Midwest. The name Celestial Stem is a nod to the eastern arts that I love and have enriched my life significantly. After being sidetracked in the corporate sector for over two decades, I decided to get back to my roots, so to speak.

Celestial Stem was born out of my frustration as a CBD consumer. I was using products for myself and my pets, both with unsatisfactory results. My experiences ran the gamut from products that weren’t effective or consistent to drastically overpaying because I didn’t know any better. I experienced the same frustration with pet products with dosages so low that they would be nothing more than a gimmick for a medium or large pet. I had three large breed senior rescue dogs, all with health issues, and didn’t have many options. Not to mention the cost of CBD products per month for the four of us could rival that of a luxury car payment. We knew there had to be a better way.

We set out to provide the highest quality products at approachable price points so all people and pets can benefit. We’ve done just that! We also wanted to offer higher milligram options than other companies, which is more economical over the long run. For example, our Vegan Artisan Gummies are available in 20mg, 40mg, and even 100mg per gummy. We offer reliable pet treats up to 20mg, where the typical treat on the market is between 2mg-5mg and often not strong enough for larger pets.

You can have the best products in the world, but if people can’t afford them, nobody can benefit. We are constantly striving to improve our products to make them as potent and economical as possible. We do extensive beta testing on all products personally and with trusted long-time customers. If a product doesn’t receive stellar feedback, we won’t consider offering it. We’ve expanded beyond our extensive list of CBD products to Non-CBD health gummies, functional pet treats, bath and body products, and even essential oils and herb extracts and crystals.

Education is paramount for us. We work hard to cultivate an informed consumer base to help them avoid the missteps that so many of us have encountered, regardless if they buy from another company or us.