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Celestial Stem



Hi There!

Greetings, and welcome to Celestial Stem! We offer Premium CBD and non-CBD wellness products at reasonable prices so all people and pets can benefit. Whether you’re looking for the best CBD for pets or the best CBD for people, we have you covered! Our other offerings include, herbal and wellness teas, bath and body, functional pet treats, essential oils and herbal extracts, crystals, custom jewelry and more.

Retail Location Now open: 1728 S Greenfield Rd #111, Suite 101 Mesa, AZ 85206 (Next to EOS Fitness inside of the Speakeasy Suites)

People Products 

We could all use some help perfecting the fine art of harmony. We have a vast array of products ranging from tinctures, softgels to topicals with full and broad spectrum options. Whether you are looking to boost your overall health and wellness, or to get an edge in your athletic performance and recovery, or a yogi looking to enhance your meditative experience, we have options!

Pet Products

We are an animal loving company and adore our furry family members. What makes us different is that we offer pet products with dosages suitable for medium to large size dogs. If you are a parent of a bigger dog you know this is rare. Don't worry we have the little guys covered too. All of our products are vegan and organic. A portion of our proceeds goes to local valley dog rescues.

Which type of oil is right for me?


With the explosion in popularity of CBD and the staggering amount of products available its hard for a consumer to know where to start. 

So what's the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolates and hemp seed oil? 



Spectrum Topicals


Topicals begin to take effect as soon as they are absorbed through the skin providing fast acting and targeted support for muscles and joints

Scented with aromatic essential oils!


Available in:

Cream 200mg and Salve 500mg



Natural Supplements to Reduce the Aging Process

The symptoms of getting older are inevitable, but they can at least be postponed. By combining the right natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, we can help turn back our body’s biological clock by replenishing its valuable nutrients.