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How much CBD oil should I give my pet?

How much CBD oil should I give my pet?

Just like with people, every dog and cat are different and dosages can vary from pet to pet. There are many things to consider, the pets general health, activity level, but one major factor is the pet's size. Dosages can range from 1-5mg per 10lbs of body weight, depending on the situation. A good rule of thumb for a Regular dose would be equal to 0.25mg X 1lb of body-weight.  We always recommend starting with half a dose once a day and adjust from there. Some pets may be more sensitive than others and it’s always best to start on the conservative side and see how your pet reacts. Always check with your veterinarian before making any changes to your pets dietary or health regimen.  

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

CBD for Pets

Furry family members can also benefit from the use of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil. Celestial Stem's Pet Tinctures and Pet Treats are a great way to support your pet’s overall health and quality of life. All in a high-quality, safe and easy to deliver solutions. The market for CBD treats for pets over 10lbs is sparse. Celestial Stem is a pet-loving company, and we think it is essential that pets of all shapes and sizes have the opportunity to receive the potential benefits of CBD products. In our mission to help, we offer our treats in three convenient sizes; 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Our pet tinctures can be easily adjusted to accommodate pets of any size. Consult with your veterinarian today to start your pet’s journey on a life of balance!

Giving Back

A portion of the proceeds from all of the Celestial Stem Pet Products goes towards helping support 2nd Chance Dog Rescue in Queen Creek AZ. Diana and her husband Chris work tirelessly to provide love and care to these amazing dogs. Please check them out and consider donating or adopting your new best friend.