Dental Chew Stars


Our grain free  Dental Chew Stars are the perfect shape and are designed to help work the chew into the small spaces between dog’s teeth to help increase blood flow to the gums and prevent tartar buildup.

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    Dental Support Chew Stars with Organic Spirulina, Tumeric, Parsley and Peppermint Oil 



    Organic Spirulina Spirulina is incredibly high in protein and a good source of antioxidants. Spirulina is known for immune support, gastrointestinal support and detoxification.

    Apples Apples can help freshen breath and are high in fiber and have abrasive qualities which aid in cleaning teeth.

    Turmeric Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to have several benefits to dogs including reducing inflammation and lowering the risk of blood clots.

    Parsley Parsley is a source of antioxidants and vitamins and can be used as a breath freshener and for gastrointestinal support.

    Peppermint Oil Peppermint oil is known to support gastrointestinal health


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